Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Holidays in the Netherlands

The boyfriend and I took a four-day holiday to the Netherland. We went to Scheveningen to be exact which is a suburb from Den Haag. I kind of missed the later when I booked the B&B and was thus a bit surprised when we drove through Den Haag. As you might guess, the holiday wasn't that long planed ahead. Fortunatly Scheveningen really isn't very townish... It's located directly at the nothern sea which is why we went to said town. It's actually closer to go to the Northern Sea in the Netherland than in Germany... Also I like to leave the country every now and then!

Unfortunatly I only took photos of the sea and beach (I was lazy) but I will tell you about the town houses which were absolutly amazing! We enjoyed walking past these old town houses and also got a bit jealous... Most of the houses had beautiful large windows and one could see the nice chandeliers. Every house seemed to have one! Also the rooms bathed in beautiful yellowish light. The light seems to be different than in Germany. More yellowish. Over here the light from the light bulbs is more white. I think I will look for the yellowish light bulbs. It looked far more cosy.

The B&B we stayed in was also in a town house. I really enjoyed the high ceilings there and they had a brilliant long table out of oldish wood panels. Take a look at the pictures.The room itself was nice too. In some ways it gave me flashbacks to the room at Michelle's parents house (where I stayed when I lived in Sydney) - the walls, the carpet and even the ceiling were quite the same. Not the same colour or decoration but somehow close. Whenever I was walking barefood on the floor I was waiting for "my" cat, Lena, to show up or someone of Michelle's family to call... I guess I really need to go back to Sydney soonish... :P

The weather wasn't too nice but I guess that's to expected in November. We spent some time at the beach, some in Den Haag and a lot of time sleeping (=me) or reading (=Alex). It was a great holiday... just too short as always! :-)


  1. Looks lovely! And you should definitely come back to Sydney soon :)

  2. Nice to see photos of Scheveningen to show my children. All they know about Scheveningen is it is the beach in the song "De Mosselman" (Hij woont in Scheveningen) ! I went there when I was a school girl.
    Even if the weather is not fine, I still love the beach with the wind in one's hair. You know you are alive.