Friday 29 November 2013

Latest news... and I need your help!

It has been an epic couple of weeks since my last post - celebrating my brother's 22nd birthday, starting with the Fatigue Centre at the University of Sydney, preparing for our big annual meeting at work and the usual crochet shenanigans :) 

I do need your help with a crucial decision, but first...

Today I finished a little pair of hippo twins who are heading to their new home tomorrow.  The client wanted two hippos exactly the same, and so they pretty much are! Of course, handmade things will never be exactly like anything else, or perfectly made.  Although, in my experience the clothes and other craft things that you can buy in the shop are also rarely perfectly made!

Here are Herbert and Harry, the twin camouflage happypotami, ready to wreak havoc on the world:

But now, I need your help! I have been commissioned to make a hippo and blanket set for a client's grandson whose favourite colour is orange.  Which colour sequence do you think I should use for the hippo?

Comment below with "Left" or "Right"! The option with the most responses will make it into a full size hippo :)

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