Monday 6 October 2014

Our stories - Friendship between two worlds

Hello you lot!

It's birthday week, so we decided to tell you a bit about our friendship (including some very old pictures to prove we have in fact met in person :P). Enjoy!

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How we met


I remember meeting Michelle on her first day of German high school. She arrived with her host mum and the latter was introducing her to some of her new class mates (I was among them). I think I had a feeling that I totally needed to get to know her soon!


I first really remember meeting Anne in our Deutsch-als-Fremdsprache (German as a Foreign Language) class. I missed meeting her properly before that because she couldn't come on our class trip to the Netherlands because of wisdom teeth (I think)! Many happy hours mostly discussing religion and politics (in English), and I probably learned a little bit of German as well ;)

When we saw each other in person

Germany - Michelle lived in Germany

Australia - Anne stayed in Australia for 6 weeks
Germany - Michelle came back to Germany for four weeks

Australia - Anne studied in Sydney
Germany - Michelle stayed in Europe for some weeks and came to stay in Germany for some days

Australia - Michelle got married to Kiah and Anne came to Australia to be her bridesmaid

Some precious and random memories over the years

Speaking Denglish with Michelle and confusing her family when they visited her in Germany. In 2002 neither of us was very good in the other's language. As a result we spoke a wild mix of German and English (= Denglish) which was a lot of fun. It really was like our own language and sometimes we still use it when I can't find an English word. Also there are some words in German and English which totally need to be introduced to the other language. Like "doch"!

Making christmas cookies with Michelle in 2002. I remember that neither of us was very good with cooking or baking yet but we had a lot of fun and the cookies were yummy!

Getting coffee with Michelle at Sydney Uni in 2004 and having a good laugh at the Bavarian accent of Michelle's uni teacher. 

Being crazy cat & crochet ladies... Early 2009 I had bronchitis and Michelle was on holidays. It was freaking hot and thus we spent our days watching the West Wing, crocheting and cuddling cats. Good times!

Making a birthday cake for Michelle's mum in 2009 when most of the frosting was in Michelle's hands instead of the cake. And all the letters didn't quite fit on the cake, so went down the sides...

Having only mozzarella for dinner in Oldenburg (after seeing Michelle getting all excited about the huge cheap price of mozzarella in the supermarket) in 2009.

Tying Michelle's wedding dress: Me holding her hands so she wouldn't fall over, Janelle (Michelle's mum) holding me so I wouldn't fall over and the other two bridesmaids pulling on the strings at the back of the dress (Michelle looked amazing in the dress btw).

Some dreams for the future


Crochet with Michelle at the lake when we come to visit in 2015 (And cuddle Lena the cat).

One day when I have both time and money, bring Kiah to see Europe, and go on summer holidays with Anne and Alex to do crochet with a spectacular view!


  1. It´s a beautiful story! Longue vie à votre amitié!

  2. such a lovely friendship ! thanks for sharing it ! have a lovely birthday week !

  3. Such a lovely story!! It's great to see how your friendship has evolved :) Totally agree about 'doch'!

  4. Hi both, I am a new reader to your blog and just not had time to absorb it all yet so many thanks for this post, a lovely introduction.
    A lovely friendship, fabulous countries to live in and you love crochet and cats-that's me a happy reader.

  5. This is easily my favorite post in your blog so far. :) I can't imagine Michelle not knowing German! And I can't imagine a time when neither of you were not already excellent cooks! Love the funny moments you shared. Love you both! :)

    And what *is* "doch"?? :p

    1. Anne, you must tell me when you are planning to come back in 2015 so I can make sure I'm not traveling again!

  6. A nice personal touch and way for your readers to get to know you. I like your unique format with each of you providing your own perspectives on your friendship so we get to meet you as individuals but it also shows the strength of your relationship because your feelings are mutual. I get to discover the things that set you apart as well as the things that are the same between you. :-) x x

  7. Hello Anne and Michelle!
    What a lovely way to find out more about the both of you!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Ingrid xx