Wednesday 15 October 2014

WIP Wednesday - Projects update

Hello everyone! 

Wow, what a birthday week! Thank you to everyone who read, participated, entered the giveaway, commented and followed our little blog :) We have a great time writing it for you!

Today I'm just doing a quick update on my current works in progress (WIPs) as it has been a crazy week around here. Not only was it blog birthday week, but... 

Over the long weekend we went up and stayed at the new house at Lake Macquarie for the first time. It was amazing and awesome, and I can't wait for it to be properly finished so I can unpack the kitchen properly ;) My sister has done an amazing job with the design of the house, particularly the interior features like this tiled wall:

Plus the view from the balcony is pretty good ;)

Then, Kiah ended up in hospital last Tuesday having his appendix out! It was caught early which is good, but still required nearly 3 days in hospital, and lots of running around and helping from me. He is still very sore, but the three little holes in his belly seem to be healing up nicely. 

As a result, I am pretty much completely exhausted, which has really slowed down the crochet production (and everything else, but that's less important). Fortunately my parents are back from their conference now, so they are helping with shopping and driving, and the wonderful Beccy, our housemate is helping with housekeeping. Couldn't do it without you all! 

On the good news front, I received my Stylecraft Special DK Packs from Deramores. How will I ever use any other acrylic 8ply again!? This yarn is incredible, and the price I can get from Deramores is about $2.80/100g - just about cheaper than any low quality yarn I can get here. I have started using one colour pack already (see Project 2 below), but I am still musing and plotting over how to make something amazing with the other one.  

Because my brain has been all over the place, my WIPs have been all over the place too. Usually I don't like having more than one or two WIPs as it gets me all fuddled, but these are special times.

Project 1 (a, b, c, d,... so many animals)

Animal orders - so far I have pieces for two candy hippos, one blue and yellow stegosaurus and one black and red dragon! The dragon pieces in particular are very dramatic - I think he's going to be one amazing beastie when put together :) Since I enjoy joining more than I enjoy making the little African Flowers, I am collecting up little baggie sets to relax and join later! 

Project 2

Cosmos Fields Shawl, pattern by Zooty Owl. I am loving this yarn, and these colours! Reminds me of lavender fields in Provence :) It is for our housemate Beccy to keep at work for when she gets chilly about the shoulders. The pink workbasket (for details go here) is just the perfect size for this project! 

Project 3

I was inspired by Atty's Woven Crochet Block to create this prototype heat pad for the new house, to protect the tables from hot saucepans and trays. Maybe next week I'll write up how I did it, so you can have a try too! Or maybe the week after. 

(excuse the ends not tucked in yet...)

What are you working on this week?


  1. Oh my, your week has not really been better than mine! Isn't it amazing how things sometimes just accumulate until you think you can't bear anything more? And then again something nice and heartwarming happens. Your new yarn looks amazing and all the projects you started, as well. I wish you lots of time to finish them! Thanks again for the give-away. I was a really happy winner! Viola

    1. Thank you Viola! I hope you enjoy your lovely yarn :)

  2. What a week!, hope the poor patient is recovering, not nice at all.
    Your wool order is fabulous, I can imagine how excited you were when that plopped on the doorstep..happy days for us crochet people.
    The view from the balcony is amazing, crochet heaven!.

    1. Oh it was so exciting - I got the parcel card that said "large parcel" - turns out it was THREE large post bags and I needed help to get it all back up to the apartment!

  3. Bonjour! Do you know what I love? your hippo!
    I love your wool, the price is so cheap! (very low cost).
    have a nice day!


  4. What absolutely gorgeous projects! I used Stylecraft recently for some bunting, I agree, such marvellous colours! What a beautiful house as well. Hope all is settling down for you this week and you can enjoy more crochet time!
    Best wishes
    Alison xx

    1. Thanks Alison, I'm hoping for a bit more peaceful a week too! xx

  5. I love the tiled wall! Amazing! The Deramores yarn - I love the colour range there, but having never seen or touched it in real life, have no idea of the quality. You compared its price with that of low quality acrylics. What kind of quality is the Stylecraft - lower or higher end of the spectrum?
    Sorry to hear about the hospital adventure. Hospital stays are always exhausting and stressful for all concerned, patients, friends and family alike. Thank goodness that is over and onto the road to recovery.

    1. The Stylecraft is closer to the high end of the spectrum for 100% acrylic. It is super soft, very warm, and fairly consistent in texture. It also doesn't have the slightly oily/greasy feel that (most) cheapie acrylic yarn has :) I really don't think I can go back to the Moda Vera Marvel or Lincraft brands after trying this...

  6. Great idea to make this pattern into heat pads. Very clever. Beautifully executed too.

    1. Thanks Selma! There will be a proper "pattern" for these heat pads soon :)