Friday 31 October 2014

PATTERN: Reversible Beanie / Double Layered Beanie

Hello you lot!

Winter can be cold in Germany... Plus we are planning a holiday in Stockholm/Sweden this winter. None of my existing beanies are really warm and I freeze easily, so I had to come up with a warmer solution. The result is this double layered beanie which is not only warm but can also be worn both ways. That is, I can choose the colour of my beanie every time I wear it. Clever, ey?

I am very happy with my beanie and thus I decided to pass my happiness on in the form of a pattern. 

Pattern: Double Layered Beanie

Yarn: Chunky (2 colours, 100 grams each)
Hook: 6 mm
Fits: Adult Woman

Note: I recommend you check if the width and lengths works for you while you go. There is a fair chance you might need to adapt it to fit you. There are notes in the pattern when to check and how to adapt it.  The original beanie fits me snuggly but it seems, I have a small head :P

- This beanie is worked in rows and not in spirals!
- The ch2 at the beginning of each row do not count as a st. They are a bit of a filler really as they prevent that ugly hole at the end of each row.

Rd 1:Start with a magic circle. In the magic circle: Ch2, 10dc. Pull the magic circle tight (Note: Weave in the yarn end before you change colour). Join the round with a sl in the top of the first dc (not the ch2!). (10)
Rd 2: Ch2, 2dc in the first st. 2dc in each of the remaining 9 st. Join the round with a sl in the top of the first dc. (20)
Rd 3: Ch2, *2dc, 1dc* repeat this pattern 10 times til the end of the row.  Join the round with a sl in the top of the first dc. (30)
Rd 4:  Ch2, *2dc, 1dc in each of next 2st* repeat this pattern 10 times til the end of the row.  Join the round with a sl in the top of the first dc. (40)

Rd 5: Ch2, *2dc, 1dc in each of next 3st* repeat this pattern 10 times til the end of the row.  Join the round with a sl in the top of the first dc. (50)

Note: Test if the beanie has the desired width. If it is too narrow, add one or more extra increase rows.

Rd 6-13: Ch2, 1dc in each st. (50)

Note: Test if the beanie has the desired length. If it is too short, add an extra rd of 1dc in each st.

Rd 14: ch1, 1 sc in each st. (50)

Change colour

Rd 15: ch1, 1 sc in each st. (50)

Rd. 16-23: Ch2, 1dc in each st. (50)
Rd. 24: Ch2, *2dctog, dc in next 3st* repeat this pattern 10 times. (40)
Rd 25: Ch2, *2dctog, dc in next 2 st* repeat this pattern 10 times. (30)
Rd 26:  Ch2, *2dctog, 1dc* repeat this pattern 10 times. (20).
Rd 27: Ch2, *2dctog* repeat this pattern 10 times (10).
Rd 28: Ch2, *2dctog* repeat this pattern 10 times (5).
Rd 29: Ch2, 3dctog, 2dctog (2).
Fasten off.
With the yarn end, sew a "x" on over the hole of the remaining 2 st. 

Fold in the beanie so that the colour you prefer is on the outside.

I only wrote out the woman adult version. However as this pattern is really easy/basic, it is easy to modify:

Modification 1: Make it larger. Start with 12 dc instead of 10dc.

Modification 2: Make it smaller. Start with 8 dc instead of 10dc.

Modification 3: Use different yarn weights. I tried this pattern with 2 strains of aran (Red Heart Super Saver) and a 6mm hook. It is a snug fit (thus a tad bit smaller than with chunky yarn).

Modification 4: Make it more colourful! Simply change colours throughout the pattern.

Modification 5: Make it more fancy! Add appliqués like stars, flowers, pompoms etc. Note: You won't be able to turn the beanie anymore unless you make these appliqués removable. 

If you make a beanie with this pattern, I would love to see it! Post it on our facebook page?!

You have permission to sell the finished product made from this pattern provided credit for the pattern is clearly displayed as Anne Schueler ( If you sell the item online please provide a link to this blog ( for the pattern. 

Take care


P.S. There will be a German version of this pattern on the blog soon!
P.S.2 Weather  is dark and rainy here in Dortmund today. I will take better pictures soonish! :-) 


  1. Oh great ! thanks for the tuto ! and have a lovely week end !

  2. Hi Anne, your reversible hat looks wonderful, thank you for the pattern.
    I wish I was the type of person that suited a hat.

    1. I know what you are talking about! Very few hats suit me... Fortunatly I can wear beanies without looking to weird.

  3. Gefällt mir sehr! Ich bin mal faul und warte auf die deutsche Version. ;)

    1. Hihi, dann beeilie ich mich mal mit dem Übersetzen! :P

  4. Brilliant, so clever! Thankyou for sharing the pattern :)

    1. Thank you for you comment! Hopefully you will enjoy the beanie as much as I do! Sooo warm!

  5. Hi Anne! Wow! I'm impressed, the finished beanie hat looks great, what a brilliant idea to make it double layered!!! Genius! :)
    You inspired me with your drops neckwarmer, so I had to start making one as well.... I will soon show how it looks so far! (I bet yours is almost finished now!)
    You are right - we need all the extra layers when the really cold weather sets in!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!
    Ingrid xx

    1. Hi Ingrid! Glad you like it! It is very warm :-)
      As I mentioned on your blog: I really like your cowl! I will have a look for the yarn (we get the brand in Germany too).
      Take care!

  6. That is so clever Anne! It will be lovely and warm and I like the way you can choose your colour each day. I want to make one! Hopefully it will get colder here soon...Cornwall is so mild and wet at the moment I would love to take a trip to Germany in mid-Winter. Thank you for a great tutorial!
    Best wishes
    Alison xx

    1. We had rather mild weather this Weekend too. 20 degree! Not a beanie weather for sure... But winter should arrive soon. :)
      Take care!

  7. Hello from a new reader! : )
    This double layered beanie is lovely! Unfortunately beanies don't suit me at all, but it could be an amazing gift, so thanks a lot for sharing! : )

    1. Welcome to our blog! Good to see you here!

  8. What an amazing pattern, very clever! Thanks for sharing :) I have yet to decide whether Beanies suit me, but they suit hubbie so in the meantime I will try and crochet him one ;)

  9. what a nice beany.
    Merry christmas

  10. Hallo Anne!

    Die ist ja toll! Ich versuche mich ja auch gerade an einer Mütze, aber ich hab viel zu viele Maschen aufgenommen und jetzt wird es ein Schlauchschal ;-)

    So einen Kontaktgrill gibt es übrigens momentan wieder bei Lidl, habe ich gestern noch gesehen.

    Liebe Grüße

  11. Hello! I love this toque pattern! I’m new to crochet and I wonder how to make this with changing colours? I’m not sure how the ends hide? Is it possible to make one side have little dots or stripes? Unfortunately I’m not able to attach a photo with my comment but here is a link for a pattern with one of the looks I’m hoping for:

  12. If you want to make one for a adult man would it work if you made it with a 6.5mm instead of 6.00mm?