Wednesday 8 July 2015

A Parliament of Owls

Hi there!

We have a heat wave here in Germany. Temperatures above 30, close to 40 ° C. Plus it is humid. So in other words, there isn't much to do except sitting around, drinking lots of water and sweating. Yuck.

Anyway, it is too hot to crochet blankets as they become incredible hot on the legs the larger they get. So I returned to an old crochet passion of mine: Making owls. 

I love the owls made from BunnyMummy's tutorial. And I really can't count how many I made of them already. There was a real owl party going on in our flat for some time but I gave most of them away. And I took a break from owl making.

But now that I started again... man, I can't stop. I use cotton yarn in different sizes resulting in different sized owls. Oh and the filling is cherry pits. Cherry pits are so useful as they don't pop through the little holes and it also makes the owls very squishy.

So I can now introduce to you to the Owly Family!

Do you prefer the long ear hair or the short ear hair? I am not sure...

Take care


  1. Hi Anne, your owls are really, really cute. I love them! I like the one with the short hair best, it is the better hair cut considering the temperatures, isn't it? Have a nice evening, Viola

  2. They are lovely, I do love owls! I've got a couple of gifts to make actually and they look to be just the thing! X

  3. Those are so cute, I like the short hair best. Hx

  4. Hi Anne,
    Such a cute pattern - all the owls from this pattern that I have ever seen have been gorgeous. I do like the short ear just seems cheekier and mischievous and more alert expression but the long haired ones remind me of schoolgirl pigtails - perhaps they are boy and girl owls that you have made there?
    Sometimes when it is very hot, it helps to keep not only a damp cloth in the fridge to place on your pulse points (wrist, neck, forehead etc.), sometimes I would put some clothes in a plastic bag in the fridge so that when it was time to get dressed, it was something cool and refreshing next to my skin. There is nothing worse than cooling off in a shower only to find that the towels are hot!

    Good luck with your heat. These weather extremes are very worrying. Take care, xxx

  5. These are brilliant - I've not made any of these owls yet. I shall have to put them on my list of things to do in the summer hols. I think I prefer the short-haired ones, but they're both cute. I must admit I found the heat a bit draining last week. We've had a cooler few days here which has been more comfortable and means I've had more energy. Take care :)
    Cathy x

  6. Really cute. Definitely short hair for me ;-)

  7. Definitely a fan of the SHORT! They remind me of Great Horned Owls ---- my husband's college mascot is Hooter the Owl. At football games they bring Stella (a great horned owl) from the zoo.

  8. Look at these cuties, they're adorable! : )
    We've had a heat wave too for about 10 days, till yesterday, when it finally got a bit less hot - such a relief! I live in a place where it's not usually hot, and not humid at all, so the combo of very hot temperatures and humidity has been awful, I hope it's gone now, and I hope it'll go away from you too, soon! xx

  9. I love these owls! I think the long haired ones look cool but probably prefer the shorthaired ones ;) I hope the heatwave has abated and you are more comfortable