Friday 31 July 2015

Welcome back, Crojo!


Eh, I am not good with blogging these days. Why? Eh, I forget. Oops. Shall try to be better!

Last week I thought I lost my Crojo. Gasp! I had several projects on my hook(s) but I couldn't get myself to actually work on them. A very weird feeling indeed.

Since this was obviously not normal, I decided that it must be because of the projects I was working on. The solution? Start another one of course!

So I spent some time looking for something to crochet and the Leaping Stripes Blanket from Moogly got me interested. And I even had just the right yarn for it! I bought this aran/bulky yarn about three years ago in Münster but never found the right project for it. Until last weekend! Hurray!

My brain wasn't working too well, so it took me some time to work out how to do it. Such a simple pattern and my brain... oh, well, I won't go into detail. Once I got the hang of it, it was incredible easy! I did start with a sc foundation chain instead of a normal chain though. Hurray for foundation chains - I wonder how I ever lived without them?!


Guess what! I finally, finally dared to open my Dawanda Shop! You can find it here!

:) Oh and I even sold two owls already! Hopefully I will sell the other ones too. I am incredibly delighted I finally found the courage to do so. After all I had the plan since 2012... 

Do you have wonderful things planned for the weekend? 

I am looking forward to some quiet time and probably some crochet in the sun.

Take care


  1. I recently made a leaping stripes blanket and loved it's easy pattern...once I figured it out. There is something almost meditative about relaxing in the sunshine, knitting or crocheting a mindless pattern. Glad your crojo is back :)

  2. Love the blanket, Anne. Glad you found something to get your Crojo back! I love that term! I'm going to adopt it.

  3. Yay for the return of the crojo! The blanket is great what a lovely pattern :) Well done on opening the Dawanda shop I'm sure it will be a huge success!!

  4. Congratulations for your shop, I hope it'll be a success! : ) xx

  5. Congratulations on your Dawanda shop! Celebrations for your milestone :-)
    "Crojo" - must put that in the yarnspeak dictionary because I hadn't heard of that one before but so apt and groovy. Not groovy to have lost it though! Are you okay? Reaching into my computer screen to reach out of yours and check your forehead for fever. Love your blanket pattern but what are you going to do with those other poor projects? :-( I hope they are not moping around in a corner from too much neglect. At least you have hook in hand with your leaping stripes. May your blanket be beautiful and your WIPs complete. Take care xxx

  6. Glad your crojo has returned! Mine wanders off at times too but always comes back! Well done on opening your Dawanda shop.
    Marianne x

  7. I love the word crojo! Brilliant. Mine comes and goes depending on the season and what I'm working on. I'm glad yours has returned and like the look of that pattern very much.