Friday 10 July 2015

New Patterns! Bonfire Beanie and Moroccan Doorways Mini Clutch

Hello everyone!

We finally ironed out our problems with Paypal and Ravelry and that means... our new patterns are on sale! We've used small variations on the same overlay crochet pattern to make these two very different items - what do you think?

Make sure you read all the way through before clicking through to Ravelry, as there is a special offer right at the end ;) 

Bonfire Beanie

Pattern available from 

Keep warm and toasty around the campfire with this Bonfire Beanie! The band is made using overlay crochet techniques to create the flame motif.

Opening Weekend Sale - 10% off with code OVERLAYSALE

Moroccan Doorways Overlay Crochet Mini-Clutch

The design reminds me photos I have seen of colourful markets and souks in North Africa, enticing buyers in with rich colours. Make sure you use lovely bright colours to bring this little clutch alive with the colours of the market!

Pattern available from

Opening Weekend Sale - 10% off with code OVERLAYSALE


If you want to buy both patterns, add both to your cart and use the code DOUBLEFIRE to get 30% off the total!!

(Important: Make sure you Add to Cart, not Buy Now, 
to take advantage of this double offer!)


  1. Ooh, I love both, but the Bonfire Beanie is particularly beautiful! xx

  2. Wow lovely patterns! I think my favourite is the clutch, the colours are so beautiful and set the pattern off wonderfully!

  3. The Moroccan mini-clutch is super cool! Great colors.

  4. Nice to see your original pattern ideas coming to fruition and well done on sorting the Paypal issues. You achieve so much in your weeks.

    1. Thanks Jodie! After last week, I think I need to be less achieveful in my weeks.

  5. Lovely! Especially the bonfire beanie, it's really cute and clever :)

  6. Love the mini-clutch. Really lovely.