Thursday 17 December 2015

FREE PATTERN: Rainbow Crochet Shorts Keyring

I am sure this is a universal experience of anyone who crochets and has a Facebook account - someone has either shared in a group you're in, on your wall or messaged you one (or more!) pictures of crochet shorts or onesies.

Sigh. They, of course, think that they are being very funny. But, I don't like the idea of laughing at someone else's hard work, even if it's not necessarily to my taste! I would be devastated if I posted on the internet something that I was proud of making, and others shared it around for laughs :/

Going by the principle that what you make jokes about reveals your deepest desires, here is a little, quick and easy pattern to give as a gift to those people :)

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Small amounts of DK yarn in 6 rainbow colours - I used Stylecraft Special DK in Lipstick, Spice, Sunshine, Green, Aster and Violet
3.25mm/D hook
Yarn needle
Keyring with short chain and second smaller split ring

This pattern uses all US terminology

sc - single crochet
st - stitch
blo - back loop only
slst - slip stitch


- For the only time ever, I recommend crocheting over your ends as you go rather than having to spend time weaving them in at the end. I crocheted over the starting end of the current colour for the first 6 stitches, and over the tail from the previous row with the final 6 stitches.

- Use standing sc stitches to start each row if you can! Reducing bulk will make your tiny shorts less flare-y. 

- If you're not good at remembering which end you started at, I recommend using a stitch marker to mark the end! You only really need this for the construction phase.

- Don't turn after each row!


Leg Sleeves (make 2)

Row 1 - Using Lipstick, ch13. Turn and sc into the back loop of each chain. Finish off and cut yarn (12 sc). 

Row 2 - Using Spice, join yarn with a standing sc in blo of first sc of Row 1. sc in BLO of each st. Finish off and cut yarn (12sc).

Row 3 - Repeat Row 2 with Sunshine. 

Row 4 - Repeat Row 2 with Green

Row 5 - Repeat Row 2 with Aster

Row 6 - Repeat Row 2 with Violet

Row 7 - Repeat Row 2 with Lipstick

Row 8 - Repeat Row 2 with Spice

Row 9 - Repeat Row 2 with Sunshine

Row 10 - Repeat Row 2 with Green

Row 11 - Repeat Row 2 with Aster

Row 12 - Repeat Row 2 with Violet

Weave in all ends. 


1. Thread a 30cm length of Lipstick onto your yarn needle. With the first leg sleeve, fold in half with the right sides together, with the Violet row on top. Starting from the right hand side (which is the side with the ends rather than the starts of each row), whip stitch the two edges together for 6 stitches. If you want to match the BLO pattern, stitch into the front loop of both the Violet and Lipstick only. 

2. Once you've joined 6 stitches, do an extra stitch in the last spot, and then pick up your second leg sleeve and fold in half with the right sides together, with the Lipstick row on top. Into the 7th stitches from the right, insert your yarn needle and do a little knot. Continue stitching towards the left - you'll do 6 stitches again. If you want to match the BLO pattern, stitch into the front loop of the Lipstick, and back loop of the Violet edges. Finish off securely and weave in your ends.

3. Now we need to do the front-to-back seam of the tiny shorts. Line up the un-joined edges of the leg sleeves so that you are joining one sleeve to the other (as opposed to one sleeve to itself to make the leg holes). Whip stitch along this seam, adding an extra knot in the crotch if you think it's necessary. Finish off and weave in your ends securely.


Row 1 - Join Aster in the end of any row with a standing sc. sc in the end of each row around. Slst to join to the first sc, cut yarn and weave in ends. (24sc)

Row 2 - Join Sunshine into any sc. sc into each st around. Slst to join to the first sc, cut yarn and weave in ends. (24sc)

Row 3 - Repeat Row 2 with Lipstick. (24sc)


Join your keyring to the side of the waistband using the smaller split ring, around a stitch on Row 2 of the waistband.

Ta-dah! Tiny rainbow crochet shorts!


  1. Hahaha, nice idea!! Good saying!!
    The perfect gift to those who don't understand crafting/crochetting/knitting!

    1. Thanks Sigrid! I think I'm going to have to keep one pair for me :P

  2. So cute and original. Trust you to come up with these! :-)
    Why do you rarely recommend crocheting over the ends? Unless I need a long thread for seaming, I will stitch over loose ends whenever I can to save work. The other exception would be if the end was likely to come undone easily. I am always interested to learn why we crocheters do the things we do.
    Meanwhile, I know a surfie who would love your pattern so I will have to give it a go, won't I? :-)

    1. The first granny square blankets I made when I was much younger all just had the ends crocheted over, and lots of knots to "secure" those ends. Now, most of them have started unravelling from the middle of each square! After this experience, I just about always stitch ends in with a yarn needle - it is so much more secure and safe. I have also been selling a lot more crochet, and I want to make sure that they do not have problems in the future with unravelling ends :)

    2. Oh yes, I agree...always use a needle to weave in the ends in the centre, but, depending on where the end is and who the item is for, I will just work over it. I do like to have very long ends though! That helps.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Michelle, I love your response as I would feel the same and the keyring is cute. Hx

  4. I don't think that I could go any further than a keyring for crochet shorts! Cute idea though! xx

  5. ahhh that's the cutest thing ever, I will show my crochet-proficient sister the pattern.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas! xx

  6. Wonderful pattern :) I taught myself crochet, and haven't gotten the hang of weaving the ends in without them sticking out - is there a youtube video or something that you can recommend to show how to weave the ens in with a yarn needle?
    I'm crocheting beanies to fundraise for a charity, and would really like to make sure the ends don't come out.

    1. I haven't been able to find a youtube video I like (maybe I should record one), but in general I push the needle through the same coloured section of crochet, on the back, and then come back the other way, sometimes weaving the yarn through itself. Very difficult to wiggle undone from there!