Tuesday 8 December 2015

Ta-dah! Around the Bases CAL

Hi everyone! 

It's been a busy week here at Casa del Westlund, making and posting teddies all about the place and working on other orders. So far we've raised $110 for the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre! Thank you to all who have supported so far :) 

This week I also managed to (finally) finish the Around the Bases Crochet-Along!!! After 16 innings, the finished afghan is 51"x55" (130cmx140cm) - the perfect size to keep someone's knees warm next winter. 

I started this project as a stashbuster, both to use up my bits and pieces of Stylecraft Special DK, and to challenge myself to use clashing and contrasting colours without worrying about it. The end result is bright, crazy, messy and just gorgeous! When I ran out of one colour, I just Russian joined the next one on and carried on crocheting :P 

I've learned some new stitches, and also valuable lessons about counting, frogging and fudging.

It has been great fun to do - thank you to ChiChi from KeitoPalette for an excellent and entertaining pattern :)


  1. Beautiful! It reminds me of those fancy Mexican tiles!

  2. Simlply wonderful !!!!! I'm impressed and I love it !!! so colorful ! Great great job !!!

  3. The blanket is beautiful and will be loved and keep someone very warm I am sure! xx

  4. What lovely colours! it looks very warm and cosy x

  5. This could be an heirloom blankie too, being a stitch sampler; and such fabulous colour. Your descendants will either love it with full force or hate the sight of it depending on their attitude towards busy colour. Personally, I LOVE it. A real statement piece. Congratulations on your work of art, Michelle!
    P.S. I had no idea that the colour clashes were taking you out of your crochet comfort zone. I am surprised because I see you making so many things, taking on so many projects that you appear to be quite fearless! The thought of you being worried about a few colours doesn't seem to fit that impression. I find it so interesting when you reveal your inner feelings about a project; e.g. your concerns about colours etc. It helps to get to know you a bit better each visit to Crochet Between Worlds.

    1. Thank you Jodie! I am not very brave with colour - when adventurousness seems appropriate I get my sister or my mum to pick colours for me :P I think it's related to my minimal spatial awareness ability - I can't picture a finished object in my head (unless I've had lots and lots of practice), so it's easier to stick with tried and true colour combinations that I already know work :P