Wednesday 30 December 2015

Looking back - Goodbye 2015

Hi ladies and gents!

I hope you all had a wonderful christmas with lots of cozy and loving moments! We had a very calm christmas in the midst of family which was lovely and reassuring. We missed my dad a lot of course and in many ways I haven't realized that he is gone. Grief comes in waves I discovered. 

2015 is almost finished and I figured it would be a good moment to look back and see what happened in life and in crochet over the last twelve month. I can't believe it is that time of the year again already - it feels like I only just wrote the hello 2015 post!

It was a year full of ups and downs. As you might recall, I lost my grandparents earlier this year and in November my dad lost his battle with cancer. My grandparents were old (101 and 96 years), so I kinda expected to have to say goodbye to them at some point, but with my dad, well I expected to have him at my side for at least another 20 years. The pain is deep and raw.

Next to all the grief, there were happy moments too: Alex and I got married in November in midst of our closest family. It was a wonderful day and I will be forever thankful that my dad could still be there with us and the rest of the family. In December I became an auntie for the first time - to twins! I am so excited about this new role and am looking forward to see the two lovely little boys grow up! 

Somehow it felt like it didn't complete many crochet projects this years but a look back proved me wrong! I finished several blankets - some of family and many to welcome newborn babies into this world. Also, I got back into owl making: the little ones can be found in my Dawanda store along with some baby beanies I made. Oh and it was the year of the teddies as you might recall! I lost count how many teddies I finished! Some of them went to refugee children to make them feel more at home in Germany, others will go into my Dawanda store where they will be sold hopefully, so that I can buy more yarn to make more teddies to give away. 

In December I finally made several Elise shawls as prayer shawls. I think the Elise shawl pattern was on my to do list for almost two years, so I am quite happy I finally got around to make the shawls. 

Looking back, I certainly expanded my skills in crochet - I feel a lot more confident with amigurumi for example. In 2016 I hope to learn more new stitches! Perhaps I will start a Sophie blanket for example?! Michelle mentioned she learnt so much while making the blankets, so it might be a good starting point. First I have to finish the two little blankets for my nephews though!

How did your 2015 go? I wish you all a wonderful and magical 2016 with lots of special and happy moments!

Take care and see you next year


  1. It sounds like a year of many highs and lows for you. I do hope that 2016 brings a lot of highs your way. xx

  2. I wish that 2016 brings you happiness and many many good things to you and your loved ones. For me too, highs and lows in 2015 and I'm happy to be soon in 2016 !!! See you next year my friend ! Hugs...

  3. Goodness, what a year 2015 was, with so much happiness and so much grief. I hope that 2016 is a calmer year with lots of happiness for you. You've made some lovely things this year by the way. x

  4. You have made so many lovely items, not least all the teddies to help others when life was so difficult for yourself. I hope 2016 brings you peace and happiness with lots of cuddles with the new babies. Hx

  5. It has been a tough year in many ways for you but a very creative one too. I wish you a very Happy 2016. x

  6. Happy new year to you and Michelle. I hope you and your family are all well and finding strength in each other. Lots of achievements this year, looking forward to following the next one :) xox

  7. You have had a very up and down year, Anne. I haven't been around as much in blogland recently and am so sorry to hear about your dad's passing. Huge congratulations on your marriage, and on becoming an auntie. I hope that you are able to draw strength from these happy events and comfort from your growing family. I also hope that the coming year is a smooth and positive one for you, and full of more wonderful creativity. Happy New Year!
    Cathy x

  8. Happy New Year for 2016. You had an eventful 2015. Congratulations on becoming a wife and an aunt!

  9. What an incredible year for you with all of its highs and lows. It is good that you can look back and appreciate the highs because that helps to cope with the lows. You can go into 2016 with many positives and lots of love to look forward to, with your new husband and twin boys. I don't think the loss of anyone ever stops hurting but it is true that time can take the edge off. I hope that, in time, you can feel the comfort and pleasure of knowing that your dad was able to be with you on your wedding day and let the happy memories overtake the sad. Many hugs and love xxx

  10. All the best for the New year.