Saturday 5 January 2019

First 2019 Reflections

Happy 2019 everyone!

2018 was quite the adventure... Moving to the Netherlands, starting a new job, and so on. It was a pretty exhausting year - I felt like I was running the whole time without ever catching up or catching a breath.

Hopefully, 2019 will be better. So far, the first couple of days have been good. I knew I was sleep deprived, but man, until now, I didn't know how much... I feel like a whole new person after a couple of well-rested nights! Fingers crossed, the feeling will stay. 

I didn't finish the crochet projects I planned as Christmas presents. There were lots of tears involved when I realized I couldn't make it. There was too much going on, and I was plainly exhausted. Looking back, I feel sad how much I was beating myself up mentally for not being able to finish the projects. It did suck the joy out of crocheting, and I don't think that is something I want to happen again. 

At the moment, I have just one blanket on the hook, and I think it will take quite a few more days to finish it. I am using the Hydrangea Stripe Blanket pattern from Attic 24, and I really like the relaxing nature of the pattern flow. Oh, and I am even a good girl and am weaving in the ends after finishing each color! Woohoo! 

Don't the colors work well together? I am sure I mentioned this before, but I love the Belissima Yarn from Stylecraft. It has such a beautiful stitch definition, is so soft, and just flows from the hook. I hope they will add more colors in the future. For this blanket, I underestimated the yarn usage, so, I will need to get more yarn soonish.  I would love a stronger yellow for example. 

This blanket was supposed to be finished in December as a gift to a dear friend of mine. As mentioned, I didn't complete any of the intended projects last months, AND I am sure this blanket won't even be finished in January. I am still coming to terms with it, but in the end, I am sure it won't matter that the gift arrives late. My friend lives in Australia which means she couldn't use the blanket now anyway (too hot!)...

How is your 2019 going so far?

Take care, Anne

P.S. Stylecraft Yarns send the yarn I am using for the blanket mentioned above last summer, but I am not in any way obliged to say anything nice about the yarn. Thus, all sentiments expressed above a 100% mine! :)


  1. Hi Anne, Happy New Year to you and Michelle. I'm sad that you became so exhausted and overwrought with pressures in 2018. It's amazing what a good sleep can do to help put it all into perspective and feel better. As for blankets to Australia right now, seriously don't stress! We've been having extremely hot temperatures around the country in the hi 30s and 40s (degrees Celsius) and bushfires. The only use I can see for a woollen blanket in these conditions is either as a picnic blanket, sunshade or to protect oneself from a fire. The nights are so warm we are sleeping without blankets. I'm sure the recipient will not mind one bit that your blanket won't be finished until later this year. It will be finished when it gets finished and the important thing is the fact that you have put so much time, energy and care into it. A gift from the heart means more than anything off the shelf. May 2019 be kind to you. Jodie xx

  2. Happy New Year to you both. The blanket is beautiful and will be much loved when it is ready :) I'm glad you're not beating yourself up anymore about the Christmas crochet presents xx