Wednesday, 23 January 2019

My First Crochet Afghan

Hi everyone! 

I hope you're keeping warm or cool as the weather demands - it's so so hot in Sydney at the moment, and Anne keeps sending me pictures of snow and ice! 

I am happy to report that I am still up to date with the BAWJ2019 but I'll save that for next week and tell you about something different today :D 

Allie and I are staying at my parents' house this week because my poor husband is working four night shifts in a row, and he needs to actually get some rest during the day. BA BA BA and some light shrieking at top volume is not the delightfully soothing serenade you might think it is... 

One job we've helped Grandma with is tidying up the old blanket box. There were quite a lot of crochet and knit blankets that we either never used or don't use any more. Most of them just need a wash and maybe some light mending of old seams, and can be donated, but we also found some treasures. One of the treasures was the very first crochet blanket I ever designed and made.

It's nothing fancy - just granny squares in 6 colours, about 2 metres square. Mum thinks I was 12 when I made it, and it was my project while we were on winter holidays on Hamilton Island or somewhere like that. No ends are sewn in, just crocheted over; the tension is highly variable; some of the centres have started unravelling (due to the lack of end stitching in...); and it has no border to secure the edges. It takes something like this to make me realise just how much I've learned about crochet in the last 21 years! 

I have many newer, prettier and better made blankets so we will unstitch this one into smaller pieces that can go keep some kittens or puppies warm at the vet or RSPCA, but I wanted to memorialise it here so I'll never forget the first blanket I ever crocheted!

What was the first crochet item you ever made? How old were you? 


  1. I think this is an amazing accomplishment for your 12 year old self!

    1. Thank you Jenny! If I recall correctly, making the squares was lots of fun but sewing them together not so much... so nothing has changed there! :P

  2. My first ever crochet project was a tabard style shawl to keep me warm on the sporting sidelines, especially during those cold evening netball practice sessions and early morning footy games

    1. So practical! Do you still have it/use it?