Wednesday 6 August 2014

Canada 2014 - Overview

Hello all!

I am back from Canada and man, I had a wonderful time over there! Be prepared for several blog posts over the next days because I surely can't fit all of it in one or two posts... It's hard to believe how many brilliant and amazing things I got to see and experience in just three weeks! 

I can tell you one thing straight away however: Three weeks aren't enough to see Canada! We just saw a fraction of this wonderful country and have to return at some point in our lives for sure! 

Right now my head is buzzing with all the things I saw, felt, ate and experienced. I reckon it might take some days (weeks? months?) to process all these things. So for now, just a quick overview to spoil you for the blog posts to come! 


14/7/2014 - 5/8/2014: Three full weeks on the North American continent! 

Not too short, not too long. I wish I had more time over there but I am happy to sleep in my own bed again, too.


Train ride from Dortmund to Frankfurt (and vice versa): 2x (3 hours)
Plane ride from Frankfurt to Vancouver (and vice versa): 2x (10 hours)
Bus/SkyTrain rides in Vancouver: Innumerable times
Bus rides in Nanainmo: 8x 
Km by car on Vancouver Island: ~ 500 km
Boat trips in Tofino: 2x
Km walked: Hundreds...

Places visited

Nanaimo (Vancouver Island)
Tofino (Vancouver Island)

Best experience

Hard to settle on... Hm, I think I might go with three:

1. Seeing the smile on the face of my boyfriend when seeing whales

2. Seeing eagles nearby

3. Seeing the Fireworks on the Beach at the Vancouver Light Celebrations

Best accommodation

Painted Turtle Guesthouse (Hostel) in Nanaimo! Such a wonderful hostel with a brilliant living room, nice beds and a great staff! I will tell you more about it later!

Best food

Again - hard to decide! 

Bought: The Bison Burger at Chill Winston is pretty high on the list! 

Selfmade: Fresh red wild salmon tatar with avocado (made by the boyfriend). Soo good! And all the wonderful fresh red wild salmon... I am definitely spoiled for all the salmon which one can buy in Germany.

Best buy

Vancouver Christmas Bauble. We collect Christmas baubles with drawings of places we have visited for our Christmas tree. So far we have London, Vienna, Sydney, Paris and now Vancouver. :-)

Best encounter

Meeting Darrah from ButtonBuffalo! Such a joy to meet a crochet friend (again: I will write about our encounter in a new blog post. There are some pictures of our meeting on her blog. Look here).


  1. Le Canada est vraiment un beau pays d'un océan à l'autre. And... "Three weeks aren't enough to see Canada"

    1. That's so true! I can't wait to come back and see other parts of this wonderful country! :-)

  2. what a lovely post :) looks like an amazing amazing trip and such great photos!

  3. I've lived here for two years now, and I've hardly scratched the surface! It really is a beautiful place!

  4. I love your souvenir Christmas bauble idea! How apt as Christmas and New Year are times for memories and reflection. I give my children a bauble each every Christmas. When they are grown up and making a new home of their own, they will have some decorations of their own to take with them and remember their childhood Christmases.
    This post has been a great 'teaser'. I am looking forward to reading more as Canada is one of the places on my list of places to visit one day.
    So glad you had such a happy trip. Cheers xx