Sunday 17 August 2014

Sunday Snippets

Hello all!

There will be more Canada posts (or posts that are somehow related to our experiences there) but for now just a short Sunday evening blog post. 

Did you have / Are you having a good Sunday? Mine has been pretty awesome so far even though the weather is just blah. Rain, grey skies and a storm. There went our planned bike tour... Still, a good, relaxed day!


Bagels! Oh, is there anything better then oven fresh bagels? I love, love, love good (!) bagels. Not entirely sure when I fell in love but I think it was during my studies in Sydney. There was a bagel shop at Macquarie Shopping Centre (which was opposite my uni) and every now and then I had a bagel there with friends. It's really tough to get good bagels in Germany. In fact, I only found good, fresh ones in a bakery once. And this was discontinued soon afterwards. 

Well, that left me with one thing to do really: Make them myself! My first ones weren't much to talk about but I think I got them hang of them now... I use this recipe from Smitten Kitchen. The bagels are kept in the fridge overnight to rise which gives them an amazing texture. True, it is a lot of work but it's totally worth it!


I am happy crocheting away the day working on my Canada Travel Blanket. I will tell you about it soon! It is pretty big already and I am kind of relieved that I am finally decreasing. As you might guess, the pattern is the Corner to Corner (again!)!

Listening to

Little Beach Street Bakery | [Jenny Colgan]
Picture from
Little Beach Street Bakery from Jennifer Colgan (read by Anne-Marie Piazza). It's a nice, light novel so far! Jennifer Colgan's novels have been made into really lovely audiobooks! I already listened to several of them while at the gym - I highly recommend them! 


Fresh Belgian waffles while snuggling under my Rainbow Blanket.

Thinking about

Making another Corner to Corner Blanket with Stylecraft Special DK. I am not sure about the colour yet. Perhaps another rainbow one (larger this time though) or a pomegranate-white one. What do you think?

Hope you enjoy your day!

Take care


  1. Hi Anne,

    well it looks to me as if you are indeed making the best of your time. Looking forward to seeing your new WIP! Haha, it made me smile when you wrote about the Belgian waffles! :)

    Greetings from a grey Belgium today!
    Ingrid x

    1. Belgian Waffles are such a treat! I felt so lucky when I got a waffle iron for these waffles last year! :-)

  2. What a lovely Sunday! Looking forward to seeing more of the travel blanket :) The bagels look yummy, you've inspired me! And waffles are perfect Sunday fare :)

    1. The bagels are amazing! And they freeze so well, so you can have fresh bagels whenever you like! :-) Ours are alomst gone, so I need to make new ones soooonn!

  3. I'm considering a C2C in the Stylecraft DK as well- after I finish my ripple blanket that is (which is also Stylecraft DK). I'm thinking of doing something with the Copper color they have, or the Bottle is a lovely dark green color as well.

    1. That sounds like a nice combination! I just ordered some Stylecraft yesterday (it was in special - how could I resist?). So my next blanket will be pomgrante and creme - thinking about the ripple pattern. Hmmmm...

  4. I can't wait to see your Canada Travel Blanket in full. There is nothing wrong with making the same pattern over and over if it is one you like, especially classics like a Corner-to-corner.
    Thanks for the audiobook recommendation. I prefer to listen rather than read (I am a great radiophile) and it can be hard to find nice audiobooks. It is frustrating to find a book of interest only to find it impossible to listen to because of an unpleasant reader/voice or poor audio quality.
    Sorry that your bike trip was cancelled due to weather but pleased you have a good Sunday all the same. On my Sunday, I baked a special cake with friends in the morning, visited relatives in the afternoon and slept well that night! :-)

    1. The audiobooks of this author are very well read. I hate audio books which aren't read well, too. Sometimes I only listen to audiobooks because I liked the reader when he/she read another book. :P

      Your sunday sounds like a very nice one, too! What kind of cake did you make?