Monday 4 August 2014

Road Trip Scarves

As mentioned in my last post, I recently discovered Zelna Olivier's Road Trip Scarf, and have absolutely fallen in love with this pattern. 

Perhaps too much in love... here are the first four!

I am loving the Moda Vera Fayette, although the thickness of the spun yarn was quite inconsistent for some balls. Mostly this just added great texture to the scarves though!

Since putting this photo up on Facebook this afternoon, I've sold all four and taken orders for more - it seems they'll be pretty popular :) If you're interested in buying a Road Trip Scarf, I'm selling them for $30 plus postage. Head to my Facebook page ( for all the details about ordering.

And just because I can't resist, here are some closeup photos of the scarves :) 


  1. What a such work ! You really love the pattern ! Bravo !! Have a nice day!

  2. Ils sont magnifiques! I'm happy to find your blog.
    Lucie x

  3. Gorgeous! Does look line a great pattern. Love the yarn too!

    1. Thanks Katrinka :) The yarn is so pretty!

  4. Isn't his pattern great? Longing to try it, but have to finish other projects first.

  5. It's so quick - only about 4 hours in total! You could totally fit that in with your other projects ;)