Tuesday 10 March 2015

PATTERN: Happy Granny Blanket (Translated from Vivre Au Crochet)

Good Morning!

A few days ago Lucie from Vivre au Crochet asked if we could translate her blanket pattern into English and we were happy to agree as the blanket is a real beauty. It is a blanket made out of granny clusters and because of its unique layout, it looks rather sophisticated. All pics in this post belong to Lucie! If you finish a blanket with this pattern, Lucie and we would love to see it! Post it our Facebook pages (Crochet Between Worlds and Vivre au Crochet) if you like. :-)

Pattern: Happy Granny Blanket

For this blanket, you need 10 different colours of the same yarn. Lucie used 
Red Heart Soft Classic in:

bright pink
forest green
soft green
electric blue

and a 6mm hook.  You can follow Lucie’s colour scheme by using the following chart. 

I reckon it would also look great with one of the Stylecraft Colour Packs, don’t you think? The blanket made with Stylecraft Special DK would be smaller though, as the Red Heart Soft Classic is an Aran yarn.

For this pattern, you need to know how to make Granny Squares. There are several good tutorials on the net and on YouTube. I recommend this tutorial from BunnyMummy and this one from LittleTinBird.

For sewing the grannies together, I recommend either of the following tutorials:

Crochet Grannies together from BunnyMummy,
Crochet Grannies together as you go from Michelle. 

Your blanket should lay flat, thus I recommend this tutorial from BunnyMummy on how to crochet a flat row into sewn together granny squares.


Step 1

Make 9 granny squares with 4 rows each. Add an extra row in ivory to each to theses squares. You now have 9 squares with 5 rows each.

Step 2

Sew the 9 squares together (3x3) to make a large square. These nine squares give the equivalent of a big square of 15 rows.

Step 3

Add 10 rows of granny stitches/granny rows to the big square in different colours (10 granny rows) - it is important to make exactly 10 rows. Start and end with the same colour. You now have the equivalent of a 25 row granny square. 

Step 4

Make 24 more squares of 5 rows each and sew them to the sides. You now have the equivalent of a 35 row granny square.

Step 5

Add 10 more granny rows to the big square (10 rows). It is important to crochet exactly 10 rows. You now have the equivalent of a 45 rows granny square.

Step 6

Make 64 tiny squares of 3 rows: 1 row of one colour and 2 rows of a contrasting colour. Do not use the colour of the first row made in step 9. Sew the tiny squares to the sides of the big square. You now have the equivalent of a 51 row granny square. 

Step 7


Add 2 rows of granny rows in two different colours. You now have the equivalent of a 53 row granny square.

Step 8

You will now crochet the border. Work into the gaps between the granny clusters. 1sc and 4ch into each gap. The ch-stitches will look like a little bow. 

Step 9

Add a row of sc in a contrasting colour.

Thank you so much Lucie for the opportunity to translate your beautiful pattern! If you do make this blanket, make sure you post pictures on Lucie's and our Facebook pages :) 


  1. My, it's lovely! I'd love to have the patience to make it, but who knows... : ) Thanks a lot for sharing, and thanks Lucie for thinking of something so beautiful!

    1. Lucie made it as a left-over blanket! I reckon it could be a good on and off project! :D

  2. Lovely and a good tutorial/pattern too! xx

    1. All Lucie's wonderful work! :-) I just did the translation.

  3. Beautiful blanket!!!

  4. Lovely blanket, please share it at my link up tomorrow :)

  5. Wow, what a blanket. Very colourful! I like the mix of different square shapes.

    1. :) I like that about the blanket too! I think I will make one in due time! :D

  6. I saw this on Lucie's blog and thought it was really beautiful. A lovely way to use granny squares and rounds.

  7. Thank you so much for all your comment. It's a really good collaboration and I'm very happy. Michelle et Anne sont vraiment gentilles d'aider au partage de ce modèle.

  8. I really like this variation on granny squares. I get a bit bored with the giant granny square type of blanket because I see it everywhere but I love the stripes and different sized squares because they add a more dynamic pop of colour contrast.

  9. I have two big rugs on the go now. If I do another one, this will be it! It is simple to do but NOT simple to look at. Just my cup of tea. Thanks to Anne & Lucie.

  10. What is the cm. of thuis blanket. I want to make a blanket grom 190x230 cm.

    1. Hi Joyce! I am not sure - I have asked the designer Lucie to let me know how big hers is, and I will let you know :)

  11. Hello. In step 4 are the squares 4 rows of colour followed by 1 row of ivory ? thanks Carol

    1. Hi Carol - that is correct!

    2. Thanks for quick reply, quite new to crochet and just wanted to make sure they are the same size as step 1 squares x

  12. I love this blanket! Can you explain how to add the granny row, or post a link on how to add it?

    1. I am not sure which row you mean - can you clarify so I can send you in the right direction? :)